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Papilio Karna Karna

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Scientific Name: Papilio Karna Karna
Common Name: Swallowtail Butterfly
Distribution: Peru, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Guyana, Philippines and Brazil.
Origin: Philippines

Swallowtail Butterfly Papilio Karna Karna butterfly display to give as a gift to a special butterfly lover or for yourself to display on a wall in your home or office! These butterflies are mounted in a fine wood double-glass frame with glass on the front and back so you can also see the backside of the butterfly. Choose the fine wood that you wish to have your butterfly framed in by using the frame type selection box below.

Papilio Karna Karna
6" x 6" Red Oak Frame
Only $39.99!

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Butterfly Displays

All of the butterflies used in our butterfly frames are inspected by the
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
and we never use endangered species. Each framed butterfly comes from butterfly farms located around the world mostly from ranching operations in South America, South East Asia, Africa and the Amazon River basin.

These butterfly farms provide the native peoples with an excellent source of income and prevent them from destroying the rainforest to clear cut land for cattle raising and logging.

For more information on how the farms are helping to revitalize rainforest habitat, please click on the
Butterfly Farms menu link.

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